Knitting & Sewing
Published On: August 08, 2012

Sewing: It was 2 o’clock, time for sewing, the small room was packed up and ready to go home. My aunt Natalie and other nice ladies came to teach us how to sew.  My Aunt Natalie, her son Jack, his sister Holly, Michaela and myself were all sitting at one table. There was different coloured threads and thumb protectors so we didn't prick ourselves. We had two weeks of sewing. It was great fun.
Knitting :It was 2 o’clock again and my granny was in as a replacement for Aunt Natalie. It was Granny, Jack, Holly, Michaela and myself again at the same table. We were able to use bigger needles and different coloured wool. The needles hurt my thumb. Jack learned first, then Holly, then me and Michaela. I finally learned how to sew and to knit. Thank you to all our knitting and sewing teachers.
By Shane 

We started sewing and knitting in the month of February for Grandparents Day. We started sewing at 1.30 on the first day with simple stitches. By 3 o’clock we all could sew! The next week we were ready to stitch jumpers!
After two weeks of sewing we moved onto knitting. We started off easy, just getting the technique right. By the next week we were making all types of things like gloves, phone covers and wristbands. 
Thanks to all the people who came in. It was a great experience.
By Mickey  
Knitting and sewing
We started sewing in February 2012. When we first started sewing we had to sew two pieces of cloth together. It was a bit hard at first but I soon caught on. I enjoyed sewing. It was not very hard. We were sewing for one hour, we had to sew around the cloth it was very easy it was not hard at all and I enjoyed it.
The next week we started knitting. It took a long time to knit an armband. We were knitting for one hour; it was so easy I enjoyed knitting. Everyone knitted something. I used blue knitting wool to knit, most people knitted armbands. I didn’t think it would take that long everyone enjoyed themselves.
By Dylan    


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