Published On: August 08, 2012

This year we got our 4th green flag which was based on travel. Our other green flags were for : water, energy and recycling. Some of the things we did to get out green flag were : bike safety with Gerry butler, a walk audit, picking up litter and a nature walk.

The two committees had Meadhbh Harrison, Muireann O Hanlon, Des Grimes, Eoin Gallagher, Holly Mcgovern, Shane Mcgovern, Jamie Hoban, Sean O Hanlon, Luke Tunney, Libby Mortimer, Ellie Murray, Ashleigh Carroll, Caoimhe McDonnell, Mark Reilly, Brian O Malley, Rachel Tunney, Saibhdh Gannon, Sam Carroll and Leah Cargill. The committee’s jobs are to maintain a safe environment in school and in our local area.

The pupils of Carrakenedy N.S. are proud to have earned our 4th green flag.   
By Seán and Jamie





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