A Brief History

Carrakennedy National School is a Catholic, co-educational school situated in the parish of Cushlough, approximately 12km from Westport. Our school was founded in 1906 and we are very proud of this long heritage and all the pupils and staff, both past and present who have made Carrakennedy the place it is today. 

Our school is a two teacher school with a current enrolment of 33 pupils. 


Our School Staff

Our dedicated and hardworking staff members include:

  • Ms. Aideen McPaul                                 Principal and Senior Class Teacher
  • Ms. Mary Connolly                                  Deputy Principal and Junior Class Teacher
  • Ms. Breeda Gibbons                                Learning Support/Resource Teacher
  • Mrs. Bernadette McDonnell                   School Secretary


The School Curriculum

Carrakennedy N.S. follows the Rules for National Schools in line with the Department of Education and Skills requirements in implementing the Primary School Curriculum, 1999. The curriculum is child centred in its approach and identifies three primary aims of primary education. 

At Carrakennedy N.S. we endeavour to: 

  • enable the child to live a full life as a child and to realise his or her potential as a unique individual
  • enable the child to develop socially through living and co-operating with others thus making a contribution to the good of society
  • prepare the child for further education and lifelong learning.

The curriculum emphasises the importance of Literacy, Numeracy and Language, while at the same time responding to changing needs in science and technology, social personal and health education, and citizenship. 

The curriculum comprises of 11 subjects which are taught at all class levels- English, Gaeilge, Maths, S.E.S.E. (Social, Environmental and Scientific Education- History, Geography and Science), Art, Music, Drama, S.P.H.E. (Social, Personal and Health Education), and P.E. Religion is also taught in our school because we are under the Patronage of the Catholic Church. 


Our Opening Hours

The opening hours of our school are as follows:

  • Junior and Senior Infants:   9.20am-2.00pm
  • First Class to Sixth Class:   9.20am-3.00pm

There are two breaks scheduled during the school day. There is a mid-morning break from 11.00-11.10am and a lunch break from 1.00-1.30pm. There is a healthy eating policy within the school. 


School Uniform

All children are obliged to wear a school uniform to school. The school uniform consists of:

  • Blue Crested Sweatshirt  (available from Print Addiction, The Octagon, Westport)
  • Navy Trousers/Tracksuit Bottoms or Skirt
  • White Polo Shirt

It is important to label relevant items of clothing with your child's name. 


Parent/Teacher Communication

The healthiest environment for a child is one of open and easy communication between parents and teachers. Parents are encouraged and welcome to discuss matters relating to their child with his or her class teacher. Parents should agree a convenient time with the class teacher if the need arises.


Parental Involvement

The children and the school can benefit greatly from parental involvement. If you have any time and/or skills to contribute then please inform the school. All offers of help are welcome and there are many areas you can assist us in supporting the children's learning. 



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